Aperture Photometry Tool, v. 2.8.3, Available Now!

Aperture Photometry Tool, v. 2.8.3, is now available:


There are enhancements in this release.

Made modifications to break the code dependence on com.apple.eawt.* classes when APT is executed on a Mac via the APT.csh script. Under these conditions (i.e., execution of APT via APT.csh or directly via java command from terminal window), the Apple Legacy Java 6 is no longer required, and APT can be executed under higher Java versions (which are bereft of the com.apple.eawt.* classes). Without the com.apple.eawt.* classes, the famous Apple menu bar at the top of the screen cannot be programmed in Java, and, therefore, it has been set to “IGNORE” (this cannot be simply turned off). The APT menu now always resides at the top of the frame of APT’s main GUI panel, regardless of whether the machine runs Mac OS X (or macOS), Windows, or Linux. APT will still run as a Mac double-click application provided that Apple Legacy Java 6 is installed, but now it can also be run on a Mac from a terminal window under a higher Java version.

Added function printEnvironmentToFile to main-class APT, which generates a dump of the system properties and environment to a file called env.txt in the hidden directory each time APT is started up.

Replaced test System.getProperty( “os.name” ).contains( “OS X” ) with new APT.isMac() function (to contain the OS-detection functionality).

Added new user preference magnifierDefaultMagnificationLevel, which is allowed to be assigned any of the following values: 5, 10, 20. Added option to Preferences menu to set this value, called “Set Default Magnifier Magnification”.

Improved the display of the “About & Help” documentation.

Modified script APT.nsi to skip check of JRE version; the Windows double-click APT launcher, APT.exe (which is included with APT_vX.Y.zip), is generated by compiling this script. Also, increased the Java memory allocation in APT.nsi (and therefore APT.exe) from 1024M to 4096M.

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