Aperture Photometry Tool, v. 2.5.9, Available Now!

Aperture Photometry Tool, v. 2.5.9, is now available:


There are enhancements in this release.

Performed source-code restructuring in some existing class files.

Added more bullet-proofing to the GUI of the source-list tool.

Added code to catch an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that may occur when optionally median filtering the local non-annulus sky background for a grid size that is too large relative to the input image size.

Replaced the “Exit Preferences Menu” option with a “Close” button.

Modified the FITS reader to be robust against BZERO header lines with an extraneous zero at the line end. This is not FITS standard, and apparently is generated by MaxIm DL or ATIK-camera software. Thanks to James McNamara and Dario Castellano for reporting this problem.

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