Aperture Photometry Tool, v. 2.5.7, Available Now!

Aperture Photometry Tool, v. 2.5.7, is now available:


There are bug fixes and enhancements in this release.

Bug fix: Eliminated the redundant header line in the output photometry file that occurs for automatic source-list processing when maximumNumThreads=1 (this was thought to be fixed in the previous version, but the fix was incomplete).

Added the capability of optional 3×3, 5×5, or 7×7 median filtering to coarse gridpoints in local non-annulus sky-background estimation (new user preference called “localNonAnnulusSkyBackgroundFilterType”).

Renamed (previously badly named) user preferences “localNonAnnulusSkyBackgroundSourceGridSize” and “localNonAnnulusSkyBackgroundSourceWindowSize” to simply “localNonAnnulusSkyBackgroundGridSize” and “localNonAnnulusSkyBackgroundWindowSize”, respectively.

Added new -b option to the batch-mode command, so that a non-default path and filename for the local non-annulus sky background can be specified.

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