Aperture Photometry Tool, v. 2.5.0, Available Now!

Aperture Photometry Tool, v. 2.5.0, is now available:


There are enhancements in this release.

Improved the layouts of the control panels for scatter and histogram plots. Modified the scatter and histogram plotting to allow multiple data series.

Added new capabilities for generating pie charts, bar charts, and density (2-D histogram) plots.

Improved the layout of the thumbnail-image control panel, including the addition of a “Close Window” button.

Upgraded the “rainbow” color table to have improved eye discrimination among shades of green.

Added new “terrain”, “heat”, “circus”, and “liberty” color tables for false-color image display (the latter is just in time for July 4th!).

Corrected the code for proper interactions between the “Color-Table Toggle” button and the display mode & level type that are selected in the “Preferences” menu.

Modified the color-table panel to pop up when a new image is loaded, and to save its screen location in the user preferences.

Wrapped the radial-profile plot in a scroll pane, in order to prevent the plot from becoming very tiny, which sometimes happens for users with small computer screens.

Increased the stroke width of the aperture overlay on the main image-viewing panel by 25% for greater visibility.

Reorganized the controls on the “Source-List Tool” panel. Disabled all buttons on the “Source-List Tool” panel during automatic source-list processing.

Did some restructuring to simplify the code base.

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